On the couch…

Let’s go back to the couch, I’m sitting on one end with my white dress, you’re on the other rubbing and kissing my feet.. I’ve already started circling my clit with one hand pushed a finger inside with the other.. you’ve got front row seats…

My pussy is wet and I’ve been turned on all day… one of the thin strap of my dress slips down and you can see my boob, my nipple hard with excitement…

You can’t help yourself, but lean over and gently bite my nipple… I gasp and look at you with hungry eyes..

You lean back again, continue to watch as I’m rubbing my clit, spreading my legs for you…

You unzip your pants and take your rock hard cock out and start stroking as you watch.

Watching you stroke your cock turns me on even more and my hips are moving almost involuntary.. I stop, crawl over to you and bite your earlobe.

I whisper in your ear that I’m going to lick your balls and suck your cock. Then I’m going to lift my dress up and sit on your cock, right here on the couch…

I help take your clothes off and start licking your balls looking up at you. You can’t wait, and grab me and pull me up against you and tell me to ride you..

I’m not hard to ask, and I squat down on you, pull my dress up just so I can grab your cock and push it inside my wet pussy. You go balls deep in the first thrust. I gasp as you bite my nipple again..

Both straps have fallen off my shoulders and you enjoy watching my boobs bouncing as I’m bouncing in on your cock..

I lean close and bite your other earlobe and tell you how much I love your big cock deep inside me…

I can hear you are close and I go faster, holding your shoulders to balance and as you come deep inside my tight pussy my hands move down and pinch both your nipples and I can feel your whole body pulsating under me…

You look at me with your beautiful blue eyes and say; Holy shit that was hot 😬🙊

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