The second time we meet

The second time we see each other we’re already bubbling with excitement. We’ve already spent an amazing, passionate night (and morning) together, and we know we’ve got another one ahead. This one will be even better because we’ve gotten to know one another’s bodies and there are no jitters or awkwardness. Just lust and passion. You’re in Sydney for the night and I pick you up from the airport. Our eyes meet as you come out of the gate and we smile and walk quickly toward each other, wrapping our own arms around each other and kissing. As we walk to my car, we put our arms around each other’s waists, but my hand begins to sneak down to your ass. We get into my car, and kiss each other again, but this time it’s a deep, frenzied kiss. The kind that knows no one is watching. We start to drive from the airport and you place your hand on my thigh. Slowly, it creeps up and up until it’s resting on my cock. You can feel its hardness through my jeans. As your hand begins to flirt with my waistband and creep inside, a pull onto a quiet street. Immediately we’re kissing again, this time almost desperate. One hand holds the back of my head while the other unbuckles my belt, unzips my jeans and pulls my cock out of my underwear. You pull your pants and underwear off and climb onto me, gasping as you ease your wet pussy down onto my cock. You wrap your arms around my neck, lacing your fingers behind my head and begin to move back and forth. It doesn’t take us long to come at all, we’re both so excited, and as we do I come deep inside you while you press your hips into mine. We collapse into each other for a moment, then you climb back into the passenger seat, pull your pants back on, turn to me and say, “let’s get something to eat”.

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