Fuck Me On The Kitchen Bench

A chat between him and her;

I don’t know if you have any dirty kitchen fantasies, but I’ve just poured myself a glass of wine and I’ve started preparing dinner in my black g-string and a loose (nip slip quite possible) grey singlet too..

Well I’ve got some now 😳🙊

Good ☺️ I like kitchen benches…

I was just about to say I’d love if you sat on the kitchen bench, glass of wine in one hand and fingering your clit with the other

I’d do that for you… and I’d look at you and lick and suck my finger clean too

Mmmm save some for me. I’d love to lick your finger after you played with your pussy.

I’d love for you to kiss me after – taste my pussy off my lips…

Would I be watching and stroking my cock or actively participating?

Whatever you feel like.. you can fuck me on the kitchen bench if you like..

I’d love to fuck you on the kitchen bench. Not even take your underwear off. Just move it to the side so i can get to your pussy

Mmmm, so hot… just grab my ass and put me on the edge of the bench…

Mmmm yeah and you grab my ass with both hands and pull me into you as I move my cock in and out

Ah yes, love that…

I might put one hand on the back of your head and gently pull your hair

Mmmm… then I’ll lean forward and gently bite your nipples…

God yes. So hot

And I’ll just lean over and turn the stovetop of, cos dinner can wait… And I’d push you away, jump down and grab you a kitchen chair for you to sit on…

Yeah I’d rather eat you anyway. I like where this is going

Then I’d turn facing away from you and sink down on your big, hard cock… And I’ll ride you, while you grab my hips or waist abs just enjoy watching my ass move up and down and feel my tight pussy squeeze your cock…

And I’d reach around and rub your clit while you rode me

Mmmm… After a while I get up and take two steps forward and bend over the kitchen table….

Mmmm and I come up, hands firmly on your hips and push my cock into you from behind. Then I lean over you so you can hear me breathing in your ear while I fuck you

Mmm, so hot…

I want you

I want you to come, all over my ass..

Mmmmm yeah. And then we’d just collapse on each other on the kitchen table, breathless and sweaty

And then I’ll get up, quickly finish dinner and pour you a glass of wine 😉

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