Naked In The Waves

So we’re walking along the beach and you’re wearing your white dress, and the fact that you’re wearing nothing underneath has been driving me crazy all day. Still, we’re just having a walk for the moment, hand in hand, talking and laughing together.

We come around a bend to a secluded spot and I stop short, pulling you back towards me for a kiss. We kiss as my hand slides down your bare back to the top of your ass. I can feel it through your dress and my cock is hard in a second. Our lips part and you give me a cheeky half smile while giving my cock a playful squeeze through my shorts. “Mmmmm, maybe we should go for a swim,” you say with a wink.

Before I can even answer you’re heading toward the water, pulling your dress over your head as you go. For a moment all I can do is watch, but you snap me out of my trance, turning over your shoulder and beckoning me to follow as you walk into the surf. You giggle as I fumble to get my clothes off, my excitement making me clumsy. But that giggle turns into a little moan of excitement once I’m undressed and you see my hard cock. I join you in the water. It’s cold, but I’m too excited for that to matter. We wrap our arms around each other, kissing and laughing as the waves toss us around. Still, I manage to plant my feet in the sand and you wrap your legs around my waist.

Under the water, I feel you grab my cock and guide me into your pussy. Once I’m deep inside you, you squeeze your legs tighter around me, holding us together even as the waves try to pull us apart. We move ever so subtly, my cock staying deep in you the whole time. We kiss as we fuck, tasting each other, tasting the salt water. The crashing of the waves drowns out our moans, which only makes us louder.

Forehead to forehead, arms wrapped around each other, your thighs squeezing tight around my hips, we move faster and more frenzied until we come, and I come deep, deep inside you.

We hold one another close for a moment, and you whisper in my ear that we forgot to bring towels.

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