Working From Home

A conversation between him and her…

Hey… I ended up leaving work.. I’ll just “work from home” this afternoon..

Hahahaha. And how much work will you be getting done 😉

Depends on what classifies as work… if spreading my legs and pleasing myself counts, then I think I’ll be quite productive..

That sounds like an afternoon VERY well spent, I hope you’ll tell me all about it 🙊

I might… 😉

Are you gonna make yourself nice and comfortable? Naked on your bed?

As we speak…

God I wish I was there to see this. Let me know if you need another story to help you along.

I love stories, so whenever you feel like writing one, send them through… we should start a blog called Tinder Fantasies!

Hahahahahha. hopefully tinder realities eventually. How about this one:

Waiting in anticipation..

I’ll start by climbing into bed next to you, both of us naked. i’ll put one arm behind your shoulders, and i’ll start to kiss you. just teasing at first, a quick touch of our lips, just parting slightly, and then more passionate as i run my hand down your chest, down your belly down to your warm, wet pussy. then i’ll put two fingers inside you and tickle your g spot as my thumb circles around your clit. we’ll start to kiss deeper and deeper and i’ll kiss down your jawline, down your neck to your collarbone, down to your breasts as i begin to kiss your nipples. My hand will move faster, my two fingers sliding in and out of your pussy and my thumb right on your clit now. then, right as you’re getting closer and closer, i’ll roll over and push my hard cock into you and we’ll both gasp in ecstasy as i push inside you. we’ll start to move our hips together faster and faster as you wrap your legs around me and dig your heels into my ass i’ll put my forehead against yours, our noses touching as we move our hips together. then we’ll roll over with you on top, my hands running up and down all over your body as you get closer and closer and then, right before we finish, i’ll sit up and we’ll wrap our arms around each other and squeeze tight as we both come…

How’s that sound?


…and what are you doing right now? 😉

Probably exactly what you think I am doing…

I certainly know what i hope you’re doing …

Does it include a vibrator..?

It does now!

Then I’m doing exactly what you think I’m doing 😉

Are you imagining me between those legs of yours?

Yeah, eating my pussy…

i’d love to be doing that right now, your hands on the back of my head and your hips grinding against my face

Mmmm.. yes please..

and my arms wrapped around your legs, my hands on your thighs pulling you toward me

Mmm… yes…

and sliding my hands up your stomach, around your hips and under that incredible ass… god i want you so bad right now 🙊

Mmm… pinching my nipples..?

yes. ohhhhh yes 😉 and you’d have your legs over my shoulders and wrapped around my back and as you got closer to coming you’d lift your hips right up off the bed

Will you fuck me while I come..?

yes i will. right as you’re about to come i’ll push my cock into you and then fuck you until we come together. Are you imagining my cock in you right now?

I’d like you to make me come with your tongue and immediately push deep inside me… I am..

Then that’s what I’ll do. You come, then we fuck until I come. And while we’re moving together with my cock deep inside you I’ll wrap one arm around your shoulders and hold your leg up with the other arm..

So hot…

Are you gonna come for me again?

I just made myself come 😮


So good….

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