In The Hallway

A guest post conversation between him and her…

Turning me on I must say. How long till I will be able to resist touching you…that’s the question.

We will find out… if you keep teasing me, I’m not sure how long I can wait to feel your hands on me..

In that case…maybe I should tease you all night. Then tomorrow when you open the door? Greet me in just panties and let me have you against the wall. Ladies first though…I’m craving a taste of you.

I’d love for you to just have me up against the wall… Since I’m 5 foot fuck all, I’m thinking I should probably wear some stilettos with my red panties..?

Ooooh now you’re talking! Maybe that’s how you should be when I knock and you open the door. panties and nothing else. Maybe a nightie.

If you play your cards right, maybe I will…

We would make eye contact. That knowing look of mutual desire. My hands reach for your hips as you lean back against the wall. Our lips meet in a passionate kiss as one wandering hand glides up the inside of your warm thigh.

Mmm… I’d lock the door behind you and pull your hips towards mine… feeling your cock hardening under your jeans..

It would be hard at the mere sight of you, Wondering how wet you were… Juicy in anticipation of my hand reaching you. You sigh a little and part wider while you stand.

Mmm… I close my eyes and enjoy feeling you for a moment…

I trace over the outline of your pussy and run my hand between your wet lips …over your red panties… You feel every moment and I feel and sense every inch of you..

Biting my lip in anticipation..

Then suddenly you feel a finger at the side, Peeling and lifting your damp panties to one side. I slip two fingers between you..not inside but up the middle…wetting them and finding your hard clit..a circular motion over it.

I move your hands and squat down in front of you… look up at you with a cheeky smile as I unbutton your pants…

Fuuuuuck yes 😂 Spread legged and soaking…

I pull your cock out and gently lick the tip..

I moan in delight as my eyes roll.

Circling my tongue, wetting your cock and my lips and gradually take you all in, inch by inch..

Sounds incredible. I’ll be freshly shaven for you.

Mmm… good, no one likes hair in their food 😂

I feel weak in my legs and sit in your hall way. You straddle my face reverse so I can see your pussy bulging against your panties.


I reach up and take your underwear from the top…peeling them downwards off you. Revealing your pink luscious lips

Fuck yes…

You squeal a little in anticipation then give in and squat right into my waiting mouth…my tongue sliding in and penetrating you. Slipping back out and searching for your throbbing clit..nibbling and sucking it in. Inhaling and absolutely gorging myself on you.

So fucking hot…

I’m very forward as you can see, It’s so on when you open that door…

Mmm, I really don’t mind…

We suck on each other until you explode, Then right there in your hallway I bend you over…lifting off my glistening face. Grab your hips and slide my cock into you. One hand grabbing you as he other reaches around and rubs your clit.

I hold myself up against the wall and push my ass back against you, arching my back..

I feel every inch of you riding me. Your tight wet little puss squeezing me. Where do I cum sexy vixen?

Deep inside me… Or all over my ass… You choose..

Mmmm deep inside you sounds too good to refuse. And watch it drip from you. Even eat some of it out of you. Is anything off limits? Boundaries are important 😂

Depends on how dirty you are thinking..? 😬

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