Secret Dinner For Three…

We arrive at the restaurant before him and order an espresso martini each. I’m wearing a little black dress with a deep plunge and no underwear. You’re in a dark shirt and chinos. We’ve got a round booth table. He arrives ten min later in a blue shirt and black jeans. You say hello and shake hands, before he leans down and gives me a kiss on the cheek and says “you look irresistible”. We order another round of martinis and settle in around the table. There’s a bit of nervous tension, but it doesn’t take long before we are all chatting and laughing. And a third round of drinks are on their way.

You lean over and say something to him that I can’t hear, but when you both lean back again it doesn’t take long before his hand is on my thigh and you have a cheeky smile on your face. I wink at you and spread my legs ever so slightly and his hands move an inch closer to my pussy. I bite my lip in anticipation and look at you with a look you know only can mean one thing – I want cock.

We’re chatting over dinner and as the drinks go down, the conversation topics are getting more daring. While we are sharing stories of a hot night in Agde, you place your hand on my other thigh and you both pull my dress up a little. By now I’m already dripping wet… I’m still covered enough to be decent for the restaurant, but you both know I’m not wearing anything under the dress and my pussy is very close to both your hands. We order a dessert to share and when the waiter arrives with it and asks how many spoons we need, you say two and look at him and say; you’ve got dessert right here, and look at me. Once the waiter walks away from the table, you grab his hand under the table and guide it up under my dress. I muffle a moan as his fingers gently stroke my lips and wet one finger in my juices before circling my clit. I’m trying to concentrate on eating a couple of spoonfuls of dessert, but I’m struggling to focus. I’m spreading my legs a little more and he pushes a finger inside my pussy.

I look at you and say I think we need to get out of here. And you add, with a cheeky smile; while you can still walk? I put my hand on his hand and gently pull him away from my wet pussy. I lift his finger up to my mouth and suck and lick his finger clean before I lean over to you and kiss you so you can taste my pussy off my lips. We quickly pay the bill and I pull me dress down and we leave the restaurant. The second we leave the restaurant, I have two hands on my ass, both greedily grabbing it.

We head to our hotel room, waiting impatiently for the elevator. When the elevator doors closes behind us, you pull my dress down and my boobs are on show. He leans down and grabs one boob and pinches my nipple, while sucking on the other. I can hear how much it turns you on. I pull my dress back up as the elevator doors open and we walk into our room – with a stand alone bathtub, extra large double bed and a hot waterfall shower. The whole room is made to be naughty.

You pour us all a glass of wine and after having a sip you look at him and ask if he’d like to take my dress off. You don’t have to ask twice and suddenly I’m standing there in black stilettos and nothing else. You take a seat on the couch across from the bed, unbuttoning your pants and take your cock out before you start stroking. I can see his hard cock bulging under his jeans, so squat down in front of him, unbutton his jeans and pull his cock out. I wet my lips with my tongue as I look at you, then him before talking the head in my mouth. Tasting it, my tongue circling around. I pull away and go lower an lick and suck his balls before going back up and taking a bit more of his cock in my mouth. I continued alternating until I take his whole cock in my mouth – sucking greedily as I look at you and him. I can see how hard it’s making you…

I stand up and take a sip of my wine, while he takes his shirt and jeans off. We’re both naked, he’s rock hard and I’m dripping wet. I ask him how he wants me and he says all fours on the bed. I do as he asks, careful to place myself on an angle where you can see. He walks over, slaps my ass a few times, spreads my ass and starts rimming me. I moan and arch my back to give him better access. After a minute or two he stands up, kneels behind me in bed and start fucking me. Gently at first, but he increases the tempo as he feels my ass pushing back against him and I’m moaning louder. I turn and look at you and I can tell how horny you are, stroking and watching.

I turn to him and say I want to ride his hard cock. He pulls out and lies down on the bed and I squat over him, sinking down on his hard cock. He grabs my hips and pulls me hard down on his cock, filling me up. I move his hands to my boobs, and he pinches my nipples hard – I moan in delight as the pain blends with pleasure. I noticed you’ve stood up and are undressing. You walk over to us and ask me if I mind if you join us. I’m cool with that and you climb into bed with us. You kneel next to me, lube up your finger and let it slide down between my ass cheeks, gently pushing on my tight asshole. Bit by bit you slide your middle finger all the way inside me, following my rhythm as I’m riding him… You put your other hand on my lower stomach, with a finger gently rubbing my clit. I slow down, just grinding his cock as I’m enjoying it so much I’m close to coming. You keep going and he reaches out and pinches my nipples again and it takes me over the line – I explode in a very hard orgasm. You both let go of me and just watch me as I’m enjoying the waves of pleasure going through my body, holding on to his chest to balance.

I’m still sitting on top of him and he grabs me lifts me off and put me on my back. Grabs a big pillow and puts it under my hips, lifts my legs up in the air. I’m still in black stilettos.. He looks down on me and ask if I can handle more. I moan and nod, asking him to please fuck me. Fuck me hard. And he does. He holds me legs up and just fucks me, thrusting deep and hard. I’m holding on to the edge of the bed as I’m taking his cock – balls deep, filling up my tight pussy.

You move around behind me, kneel behind my head and let your cock hang over my face. Or hang is not the right word, you’re rock hard. I stick my tongue out and lick your balls. I know how much you love it. You push your cock down to my mouth and you don’t have to ask me twice, I wet my lips and take your cock in my mouth, sucking and licking it, letting my tongue circle around the head. He is still fucking me hard and you’re filling my mouth with cock.

He stops and I look up, he grabs me and flips me over, tells me to be on all fours again. I get up, continue sucking your cock as he slides his cock back inside me. He grabs my shoulders, pulls me hard towards him and I can feel his balls slapping my clit. As he thrusts he pushes my mouth further over your cock and I can hear how much your enjoying it. I use one hand to rub and gently squeeze your balls.

He starts going faster and tells me he’s about to cum, I keep sucking your cock and move my hand up to stroke you at the same time. You say you want to cum and lean down on the bed, arch my back and feel your warm cum on my back and ass at the same time as he pulls out of me and cum all over my ass. I can feel the warm cum running down between my ass cheeks, down to my pussy.

You both collapse on the bed next to me and I get up, looking at you both smiling. I walk over to the shower and as I turn it on, I look at you both and say; I hope you recover soon, because I want to suck more cock…

To be continued…

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